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Louie Giglio and the Red Scare

For those of you who missed it, Passion Conferences leader and Sixpence Records co-owner Louie Giglio was invited to give the benediction at the President’s upcoming inauguration. Giglio was chosen for this honor because of his recent work towards ending modern day slavery and his influence on college students.
After this announcement, LGBTQ rights groups uncovered a Giglio sermon from 1995, where Louie stated that “homosexuality is a sin like all other sins, but. . . through God’s grace you can change just as all other sinners change.”

On my list of controversial evangelicals, Louie Giglio is not high on the list. While Louie deserved this honor and I stand behind the Passion conference movement 100%, I think the fault lies with the President, his inauguration committee, and their desire to serve the agenda of those who support his presidency. While many of those who commend the work of Louie Giglio do not support the work of President Obama, those who support the LGBTQ agenda also support the president.

My biggest question is this: What did the White House assume that Louie believed about homosexuality when they invited him? A simple review of his Twitter profile would show him to be an evangelical Christian, and I’m sure the White House is aware of his association with John Piper, Francis Chan, David Platt, among many others who believe in the biblical view of marriage.

While I am disappointed in the redaction of the invitation for Louie to pray, I am most alarmed about the turn this shows in the religious freedom department of our country. We are no longer free to be evangelical Christians in this country, at least not in public. We will no longer be invited to fancy Presidential events. We will no longer be welcomed in places where “Tolerance!” is the cry. I am most reminded of a historical event I learned about in middle school: McCarthyism and the Red Scare. From 1947-1957 in America, anyone who presented a critical view of America was considered to be a communist, and many people were tried as such. Today, anyone who presents a critical view of homosexuality is considered to be a “homophobe” and a “hate-mongerer.”

As Christians, we must continue to speak the truth in love, pray for our president, and love sinners as Jesus did. But I serve one kingdom and only one kingdom, and that is the Kingdom of God.


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Two types of Christians.

Disclaimer: there are not only two types of Christians. These are two distinct opposites that I noticed last week.

Category 1: Those who are infatuated with Christian celebrities. These are tweets from the live feed of Passion. ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage


What this Christian celebrity feeds is the common theology of Moralistic Therapeutic Deism, meaning that God is good and he loves us but he is not concerned with every facet of my life. He is there when I need him and his love is good and makes me feel good but the fact that Jesus laid down his life for my sin does not mean that I have to fully devote my life to the Kingdom of God. 

There is NOTHING wrong with enjoying a specific pastor or speaker or worship band or worship style. Do not misunderstand me. But when your desire to attend a conference or church is based on WHO is there instead of the God who is being worshipped, you are being selfish. 

I believe the heart of those who lead Passion and the heart of the majority who attend is to see the name of Jesus lifted high. It would be foolish to pretend that there are not those who attend only because of Chan/Lecrae/Piper/Crowder/Just because their friends are there. 

Category 2: Those who seek to worship God in all situations

There are many people who take the Kingdom of God seriously enough that they can worship God in a small church with hymns and a little old lady who plays the organ and they can worship God in a megachurch with a band and 10,000 others and know that the Lord is being lifted high in your life. When people like this are on the mission field, they can find refuge in the Lord instead of relying on a person. 


Too often I find myself in category one when I desire to be in category two. May all of us continue to find our foundation in the Lord and in the Cross of Christ rather than this season’s famous Christian Celebrity.

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