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If I Were Not A Christian

I sometimes contemplate what life would be like if I were not a Christian. I do not think about this in a desirable way (i.e., I wish I were not a Christian), but I enjoy thinking about how the Lord has provided for me and how he has poured out his grace on me.

Sometimes this thinking leads me to think about what my objections to Christianity would be if I were not a Christian, and my biggest objection would be this:
“How can my infinite dwelling place be determined by my finite decisions?” or, stated differently
“Why is whether I go to heaven or hell determined by my response to someone who lived thousands of years ago on the earth?”

This is where I see something called Moralistic Therapeutic Deism in our everyday lives. MTD basically says that God is there and God loves me but he is not altogether concerned with my everyday life. When I need God, he will come and help but I do not have to do anything significant to follow him. This is wrong.

Most people, Christian and non-Christian alike, share the common thought that if you are a good person, and you do good things and the good things you do outweigh the bad and you love other people then you will go to heaven when you die. This is wrong.

So the answer to my thought and question is actually another question. It seems I am asking the wrong question all along.

“Why would a God who has all things and needs nothing want me to spend an eternity with Him?”
“What could I have done to deserve the opportunity to repent for the sins I commit against the character of God?”

Do you ever doubt your faith? Do you ever think about things like this?



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