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It’s okay to give presents for Christmas, but….

Parents, be careful. if you are trying to show your children that the gospel is of utmost importance, but you are spending more money on yourself than you are on others this holiday season, you are showing your children nothing about the gospel. You are actually showing them that it’s okay to say one thing and live another thing.
Christmas is the greatest opportunity to be a witness for Christ everywhere you go. Adopt a family and help them with their Christmas presents this year. Your kid doesn’t need an iPad anyway.


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What if God had not chosen to love us?

What if God had chosen to reject us after we rebelled?
As we approach the Christmas season, many Christians take time to remember the birth of Christ. Jesus came, humbled as a child, so that he may one day die for our sins. This is a direct result of the fact that God had a plan to redeem humankind since the beginning of time.
God chose to redeem us because he LOVED us.

1 John 4:19 – We love because God first loved us.

Being the glorious God that He is, God could have chosen to reject mankind and annihilate it completely – after all, we are his creation. But he did not.

If God had left man to his own demise, He would have destroyed everyone at the flood. He would have destroyed entire nations like he did in Genesis 19. And we would have deserved it.

I can only say that I am not deserving of God’s love – neither are you. We must not forget, especially in this Christmas season, that the birth of Christ is the result of the love of the Father.

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