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Which way do you lean?



And no, I’m not talking about politics – frankly, whether you vote Republican or Democrat, it doesn’t change your eternity. What I’m talking about today is this: do you defend the world or do you defend the word?


I feel like within the Christian subculture, there is much defense of Christians being significantly involved in things of the world. Christians adamantly defend their right to drink alcohol and still be a Christian (or even a pastor), to get a divorce/divorces, to have premarital/extramarital sex, to look at pornography, to smoke cigarettes/other things, and yet there a few Christians that believe that they need to be more holy and have a desire to be more like Christ and less like the world.

As Christians, it seems somewhat strange to think that those who will not watch TV because of the incessant filth that accompanies it get stranger looks than those who like to claim they can be homosexuals and still be Christians.


Please do not misunderstand me: I am not trying to convince you of the need to lean to the right or to the left: I ask that you simply consider whether or not you spend more time trying to defend your Christian liberty to immerse yourself in things of the world, or if you attempt to keep yourself from any form of ungodliness and unrighteousness.


There seems to be an attitude that allows some to “toe the line” on Christianity, and try to see how close to sin they can get without sinning: this, in itself, is a sinful attitude. There are few who vigorously pursue holiness above all else. Which are you? 


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