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Love Wins, But Rob Bell Loses.

Recently, Rob Bell came out in support of Gay Marriage. He claimed that he “is for love and fidelity, whether that is man with man, man with woman, or woman with woman.”


Bell does not have the reputation of following Scripture, but this takes him even further out of classification as a Christian. While many people claim that “you cannot judge a person’s heart,” Bell is making it clear that he is not a member of the Christian faith.
The transition of the “progressive/emergent” Christian from being someone who wanted contemporary music in churches to, now, being a group of people who are willing to compromise clear biblical truths in order to be tolerant and accepting has been a frightening transition. Rob Bell’s fear of losing a Hollywood popularity contest has caused him to compromise on the truth of Scripture.

Here’s the thing: Love does win. As a matter of fact, Love has already won. Love won on the cross and love won when Jesus rose from the grave. But Love does not win when people like Rob Bell, Shaun King, and Carlos Whittaker allow people to remain in their sin and comfort them as being Christians. Those who genuinely struggle with homosexuality look at people like Rob Bell and hear that they do not have to repent for their sin in order to have a relationship with Christ and go to heaven.

This is a direct contradiction to scripture.

I plead with my Christian friends: do not compromise on the truth. If you are a Christian, that means that you have accepted Christ as your Lord and Savior. Asking Christ to be your savior is easy, and this is what people like Bell, King, and Whittaker advocate. But asking Christ to be Lord is essential for salvation. And, if you are a Christian, this means that where you and the Bible disagree, the Bible is right and you are wrong. The Bible is God’s word. No matter how you feel about abortion or homosexual marriage, Jesus is against it.

If you claim to be a Christian, it means that you affirm God’s word above your own. I pray that we all examine how we daily rebel against God.



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Which way do you lean?



And no, I’m not talking about politics – frankly, whether you vote Republican or Democrat, it doesn’t change your eternity. What I’m talking about today is this: do you defend the world or do you defend the word?


I feel like within the Christian subculture, there is much defense of Christians being significantly involved in things of the world. Christians adamantly defend their right to drink alcohol and still be a Christian (or even a pastor), to get a divorce/divorces, to have premarital/extramarital sex, to look at pornography, to smoke cigarettes/other things, and yet there a few Christians that believe that they need to be more holy and have a desire to be more like Christ and less like the world.

As Christians, it seems somewhat strange to think that those who will not watch TV because of the incessant filth that accompanies it get stranger looks than those who like to claim they can be homosexuals and still be Christians.


Please do not misunderstand me: I am not trying to convince you of the need to lean to the right or to the left: I ask that you simply consider whether or not you spend more time trying to defend your Christian liberty to immerse yourself in things of the world, or if you attempt to keep yourself from any form of ungodliness and unrighteousness.


There seems to be an attitude that allows some to “toe the line” on Christianity, and try to see how close to sin they can get without sinning: this, in itself, is a sinful attitude. There are few who vigorously pursue holiness above all else. Which are you? 

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